About Park Homes

A Park Model RV is built to the ANSI 119.5 code requirements and built to your specifications. These homes are not designed to be pulled behind your pickup down the highway, but can be moved if needed. These are a destination home to be enjoyed by you and your friends. Some designs sleep up to 8 people. They are perfect for winter visitors or anyone who wants to get-away from home.

There are many different options for Park Models, some of the most popular uses for them are: 

  1. Vacation Homes – Park Models are perfect as a vacation home on the lake, in the woods or in the country.
  2. Hunting and Fishing Cabins – Park Models make great fishing and hunting cabins for sportsmen who want a nice cabin of their own. These cabins are not only more affordable than your average cabin but also provide so much more room and comfort than a typical RV.
  3. Winter Visitors’ Home – Park Models are ideal for Winter Visitors and can be income property in their off season as well.
  4. Income Property – Park Models will pay for themselves when used for rental. Our models start at such a low and affordable price that your investment could paid off quicker than you think!
  5. Retirement Living – Park Model RVs provide luxurious, yet inexpensive living without the hassles, expenses, and taxes of a traditional home.
  6. Aging Parent Home- Park Models are perfect for an aging parent to live close by.
  7. Guest House-Park Models make ideal guest houses for visiting friends and relatives.
  8. Early Retirement- Start enjoying your retirement early. Buy your Park Model now and use it as weekend get-a-ways until you retire.
  9. Student Housing- Why throw money away on dorm rooms or apartment rent? After college, a Park Model can be moved and makes a great starter home or vacation get-a-way.

The interiors of our Park Models are designed to achieve the best possible use of space resulting in elegance, spaciousness and functionality. 

Choose from a variety of floor plans or customize a plan to meet your needs. Dormers, lofts, bay windows, tape & textured walls and ceilings, metal roofs, fiber-cement and log siding are just a small sampling of what is offered.

Our Park Homes are built in an environmentally controlled building center by skilled craftsmen using the finest material available. You can rest assure that your investment will give you many years of enjoyment.